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Welcome Demons Online Reloaded
Maintenance: Everyday at 11:00PM (+1 GMT = server time)

[EVENT] Aid El-kebir Event 2014
10-04-2014 - by SoulNecturn
AID Event 2014

Time Lasting: 04.10.2014 till 08.10.2014 (from maintenance to maintenance)

Place of event:
Cronus - NPC Sheep (321:410)
Hunting maps (Cronus, MistyMarsh, GobiDesert, IceLand, DarkMarsh, Island, CataMaze, DarkBadland, FrozehHell and HellGates) == ONLY!

During the event all players on listed maps will be able to hunt monsters that can drop AID-Sheep item.

This item is not stackable
This item is tradable

When player will find this item will need to head into NPC at Cronus 385:4382 (to the Big Sheep) and exchange it into one of Random Rewards.


There are plenty of possible rewards under this AID event edition.

Example of rewards:
- 25mill donation (just 1item in pack)
- luck potions
- XP Bosster
- PK Dropper
- 30*Universals- LifeSparks
- LuckBursts in many configurations
- Devil Hairs
- 10kPP=5kEP
- EP-Pill (all kind from +5 till +30 and from 30min till 90min lasting)
- Many white/red Roses
- Packs of Universals 30*
- Packs of Universals 36* !!
- Packs of Special ExpBalls
- EP cards (270k EP cards)
- UP doomstorm
- Some random mounts eggs as rare chance(pentalos/pandorian/orthopus/diaro and others)

there are many combinations with those rewards (1 AID ticked will give always one of those rewards!)
All rewards are splited into 3 types of rarity (normal, hard and rare)

Happy Aid from Demons Online Team
0 Replies | 228 Views

Legion Features - Testing period!
08-15-2014 - by SoulNecturn
As many of you know we will be adding loads of features into game ... one of it will be many new options for legions...
Today we wantto start testing one - the most requested one- feature... So here how it will look and will be...


For periods of 2-3 weeks max (until moment we implement rest of true legion features) there will be possibility to request own legion map!

Map information:
- under Legion map there will be COMPOSE NPCs allowing "members" to compose there in calm.
- Own Legion Maps are PKABLE! (For test period at lest - reason? Might be used for now to slay unwelcommers if such appears )

- Not members of legion maps are not allowed to teleport to certain legion maps!
- all overusage (whatever you get into idea and will be ugly) will be not tolerated
- TOP 5 legions from standard and extreme server (with top number of members) will be added automatically to own map

How to apply for Own Legion Map during TEST period:
- Legion "LEADER" must send to me request on email: Or on my Private Message (check my footer) information:
* Which server: Standard or extreme (for now Convicts is not under this feature)
* Leader name:
* Binded email of leader (so I can confirm leader is sending request!):
* proper name of legion to attach own map into!
* more less numbder of members in legion

* Legion must contain at least 30 active members! (do not lie as it will be checked )
* 15 own maps per server is limit for now (so be fast!)

After test period all maps will be cleaned. Exact details of how these maps will be possible to receive after test will be clearly explained - so no worry

Possible problems:
- other members might teleport to players and make problems (attention for this punishment can be provided!) - To be clear there will be small (and later deeper) security implemented to avoid this problem!
- Because many players start composing individually - market will be empty... (thats why its test time, and possible special actions will be done - like payment for entry, time limit etc etc )

All feedbacks are welcoome
2 Replies | 547 Views

Our servers receiving Huge attacks - but we are fighting back ;)
08-02-2014 - by SoulNecturn
Well decided to write on our forum few words about few short (5-10 minutes lasting)down times that happen since 01.08.2014 22:30 server time.
We believe some of you might wondering what is what

Short version:
Our servers were and pretty still are under big ddos/flood attacks that coming from hundreds thousands zombies... yeah big botnet or many botnes are trying to make our live harder....
As you all can see we are fighting back with success...

Little more details:
As you all know there are many people who think doing harm to server will make them feel better... We are aim of attacks since almost always, so no this accident is pretty "one of these days"....
Our servers are prepared and secured, under proper hardware and software solutions to fight back whatever can come - but lets remember there are no ultimate solutions (even google had times when ddos harm them...) Thats why in bigger attacks (like today) downs can happen, until our system deal with problem. And sometimes additionally we must add our additional powers to make additional actions to work solution for certain sophisticated attack...

But have no fear anyone. Be sure that our team (me and Walid) are properly doing everything whats necessary and do best to be alwsys under emergency to act fast and proper! You all know well that for us demons online is PRIORITY against anything other... so yes by resigning from vacation or during sick, we will be here anyway to act!

Summarizing up.
We faced in last 24 hours loads of hard attacks. Currently we block those certain ways they used. Sure we do still think, more like know that attacker still can do attacks in few other ways... might hit into wall or something might get through making for moments lags or DC ...BUT ...this or another way we are waiting for him... to prevent...
So honestly - we are ready ... question is how much time, effort and money this attacker wish to sacrifice on us... ...

Whatever happen - remember all:
- We are HERE!
- We will Fight "always" back!
- We will look for solutions no matter of costs!
- If they lend millions of botnets and succeed...we will rise like phoenix right after
- Demons Online is part of us...

Remember everyone - we are doing all so you all can enjoy our servs

Forever Yours Demons Online Team
1 Replies | 425 Views

[event] ramadan kareem 27-30.06.2014
06-27-2014 - by SoulNecturn


The month of Ramadan Kareem is an opportunity given by the gracious Creator for His servants to come close to Him, seek forgiveness for their sins, and fulfillment of their needs. In the Glorious Qur'an, amidst an important discussion on the month of Ramadan Karim, the following ayat (verse), which apparently has no direct connection with Ramadan Kareem, is included: "And when my servants ask you about me, then surely I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he calls upon me, so respond to me, and believe in me, so that they may be led right." (2:186) Commentators agree that this is the most poignant of all the verses on the Divine human connection. The whole verse is based on the singular first person pronoun, which is repeated seven (7) times. It is a confirmation of the close relationship between man and His creator, and an assurance that he will be listened to when he calls upon Him...

As you all know... Demons Online team doing best to provide best fun always in any kind of events for all kind of needs .... Today we are introducing nice way to celebrate Ramadan Kareem for all Islamic community.

27.06.2014 (23:00 Server time - maintenance) till 30.06.2014 (23:00 Server time - maintenance).

from all monsters on all maps there will be chance to get new nice special drop of RamadanMoon.
This item is stackable till ... loads
When open player can get one of super rewards from it...
Here are examples:

- Many unixes 36*
- Different kind of Horns
- many different amounts of eps
- Loads of Gear and weapon boxes (fro mall seasons till XII even!)
- luck bursters (100 till 1000V even!)
- Different kind of roses in different amounts
- LifeSparks...
and few more

So we encourage everyoone to use this time to get loads of fun


Demons Online Team


Additional time for this event running:
27.07.2014 (23:00 maintenance time) till 31.07.2014 (23:00 maintenance time)

To celebrate Eid Al-Fitr 2014 we decided to run ramadan event (as its anyway connected ) again ... but for more days and drop rate of moons will be little better

So simply:
HUNT and HUNT looads (best find largest groups of monsters!) and slay them all... pick up moons and get from them loads of Cool and great rewards

Enjoy everyone...

After this event finish we will start another starting from 01.08.2014 Something nice as well for sure new
2 Replies | 892 Views

[UPDATES] Official progress information thread!
06-10-2014 - by SoulNecturn
Hell all. Few words on start.
I decided to make this thread (and sticky it) to update it at least every week. Inside it you all can find what is under current development and whats in plans after + sneak peaks + date frames... summaring thread to follow up all information about server heart beat

I wont be getting back to previous weeks and information whats done. Will begin again here with next info.

GENERAL PLAN for SERVERS for next months:
- We will be trying to put every week at least one quest!
- Every 2 weeks will be trying to make special event in game (besides compose events!)
- Every 1-2 weeks we will be doing best do put something new... even as it will be new item that will give something new for fun!
- after adding most important planned stuff to the game (which is weeeeks still ahead - yes jsut for the most important parts) we will use some time to make events and BIG PROMOTIONS ... which means we will be hitting outside to get back old players, new players ... generally to promote and bring back attention
- within next weeks/months we will do some redesigns on website and make changes for easier notice under donation info pages and way more...
- summaring - be sure there are loads of plans... and we will work HARD to make our server better and better

************************************************** *********


9-15.06.2014 Week work plan:

1) 3 totally new sets of weapons!
info: since the end of last week we are working on new sets of weapons to implement as next update. There will be 3 new sets of weapons, connected with doomsday addon. Along with this there is plan to add new special skills (just few max) to follow new weapons requirements
Hopefully there wont be any longer work on this then this week So hold on - as its under development in current moment

2) Few smaller updated on pattern of this week:
- Small updates under rewards comming from Dragons and Beasts + added dragons for doomsday maps that not yet have it
- New Quest added to game (small details: your task will be to get certain pet composed to certain amount to be able to get nice rewards for it... Full details soon ).

3) there will be some small tweaks/fixes and addons to other genereally known features... but the bigger changes will be announced


6-29.06.2014 Week work plan:


***** During this week we will open TEST SERVER so everyone will be able to participate if wil wish in testing new systems for game! *****

1) NEW PK system.
Since long long time there was small step by step works on changing the PK system into more advanced one! this means there will be some changes like:
- more items will be possible to drop when PKed
- higher prices to redeem PKed items
- if success we will put new own bounty system...

2) New pets
- at least one available for all
- at least one for donators

3) New maps:
- new special map for VIP8+
- new special map for everyone (not exactly just hunting map like all others till now)

4) New items to change powers when fighting (temp usage)

5) New pet talens providing additonal BPs in certain circumstances

So these 2 weeks at least will be focused on TEST server and these addons mostly - to check and adjust enough to implement into other servers if will be good


1-6.07.2014 Week work plan:


1) NEW LEGION Feature:
* NPC for own legion - each Legion can create own NPC (special map designed for this...)
- Leader only can put LegionStatue for cost of XXXX EPs?
- NPC can be upgraded into Bigger with additional options:
- XXXXXX LGpoints to lvl 2 (give possibility to deputies and leader to buy for certain amount of eps items
- XXXXXX LGpoints to lvl 3 (give possibility to deputies and leader to buy for certain amount of eps items
- XXXXXX LGpoints to lvl 4 (give possibility to deputies and leader to buy for certain amount of eps items
- XXXXXX0 LGpoints to lvl 5 (max) (give possibility to deputies and leader to buy for certain amount of eps items
* all members of legion can put eps to this npc as deposit - free of will
* all members of lelgion can buy few items from legion NPC for eps (each 10 eps provide to legion NPC cerain amount LGpoints)
- Normal members can buy cheaper expballs packs and universals
- XX rank can buy all that common + cheaper
- YY rank can buy all that common and XX + cheaper
* All members can sacrifice certain types of pets (in certain amount of stars) to legion NPC and provide this way LGpoints and Normal legionContribution in result (+ some eps)
* Leader can decide to turn on or off possibility to allow members (all over common members) to claim EPs from LegionNPC
- leader can decide what amount will be possible to claim per player max per day from NPC
- Leader can decide what TILL what amount of LGpoints members can claim EPs
- Each 1 eps claimed = 10 LGpoints substracted
?* Special map for legion where members can enter only (NOT PKABLE).
- leader decide if map is open or close

In other words - ULTIMATE function for LEGIONS Hopefully this project will close within jsut 1 week


7-13.07.2014 Week work plan:


1) New quest to do under game.


For now this is planned. During next weeks we wil be adjusting times. Hopefully all whats planned within time range will be done wiithin this time
Durning this time will put next plans... during this time probably many adjustments and fixes of other features stuff will happen...

Just remember - Big work on servers are and will be happening

Demons Online Team
8 Replies | 1098 Views

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