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Welcome Demons Online Reloaded
Maintenance: Everyday at 10:00PM (+1 GMT = server time)

07-03-2015 - by SoulNecturn
Hello everyone,

Today we are putting TEST server again online - for more and next tests

Like many of you know - last time test server helped little to understand and adjust general PVP and PVE amounts (generally not yet all implemeneted into rest servs as first few more other test must happen) ... This time main aim will be:
- Test New Action items like Patk boost, Matk Boost, Defense boost, reflect damage, reflect magic options etc

when this test will go over (expected around week max) new pack of action items will be added for test - but focused more on Demons (like Healing, Defense, power increase etc).

after these 2 action items tests - last part for PVP part will be under testing - Which is general rules and benefits/punishments for and when PKIng enemies or foes hehe

Lets Put some Details of TEST server for more clear info:
- Compose Rate is set on x60 vs standard server (and 6x CS) {reason: to allow everyone compose super fast enough good pets ready to fight in tests!)
- Drop rate of course is super high - loads of good items will be dropping from all... During tests best drop rate will have items that are in certain momment tested!
- PVP and PVE damages are currently set as default vs standard/extreme server (we might be adjusting this basing on first test when normal action items tests will finish)
- ACCOUNTS - on test server there are accounts copied from Standard and Extreme server (date of update = March) (So yes not up to date as its anywya just testing purposes and everyone can easly grow in no time )

Test server contain merged servers: standard and extreme together! To be exact exrteme (accounts/characters/pets and items) were moved into standard (this means extreme legions or castels etc was not moved!).
All players are able to login into test server from accounts that created for standard or extrme servers (until 24.03.2015).
If you have standard account - just login witn standard details to Test server!
If you have extreme account - add "e2" to your login name to be able to login (password remain the same!). For example if your extreme account username was "correlation" you will be able to login to Test server by inputing "e2correlation"...

What we expect.

First of all we saying Big PLEASE - do participate - even for little - on this test server and please share you results...

* Kill monsters + pick up PowerStones with certain abilities
* Use Power Stones during PVP and PVE (we must have results from battles vs players as well monsters).
* Provide results in more less way please:
- my BP = XX
- used X pets converged and X summoned during testing
- used Gear with X elementals on it (to know that we are talking about donor or max +50 gears vs numbers)
- VS Player with X BP player results with usage YY Stone was: ZZZZZZ
- VS Monster (Name) with usage of YY Stone results was: ZZZZ

more less like this. I know its not easy but this will be best what we can receive.

During testing items will be developed basing on results So this means part possibly wont be implented anyway, some will have changed power, some will be divided into different powers etc...
So yeah its about testing for now on examples and in real time adjusting to make them effectibve and usable - as this is the main aim of this

Thank you in advance for helping in this

Feel free to put all comments under this thread here
0 Replies | 262 Views

[EVENT] DEMONIZATION Event 01-05.07.2015
07-01-2015 - by SoulNecturn


Deonization event will increase ALL Players ability to summon pets by +1 (working on all players who already have at least 3 summoning capability).
This means that during this event all players will be able to summon 1 addiotnal pet (for fun or for additonal powers to get revenge for momment?)... Either way use it wisely for fun or prosperity

START: 01.07.2015
END: 05.07.2015

Enjoy everyone

2 Replies | 240 Views

[EVENT] Love Event 23-28.05.2015
05-23-2015 - by SoulNecturn
LOVE EVENT - Marriage have meaning!


NPC: Cronus 352:418

New Items: LovePack and Chocolate

- they are NOT TRADABLE!
- they will dissapear if dropped!
- Stackable till 65000 amount

Time: 23-28.05.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

The aim of this Love event is to hunt in team with your SPOUSE! And ONLY with your spouse as best effect
During the event time all monsters will be giving possibility to provide (yes directly into your bag!) Chocolates if you are in team or without!
Additionally You can work for your Spouse.
While you will be in party with your Spouse and together will hunt, you as a LEADER of team getting additional chance to win special LovePack items that will be automatically provided to your spouse bag!

LovePack and Chocolates are stackable till 65000 amount!
LovePack items can be used. When they will player will receive randomly 1-20 Chocolates additionally!

In other words - Everyone of your separately gathering Chocolates by slaying monsters and additonally couples will receive LovePack (only spouse of leader!) that can boost greatly amounts of Chocolates

Drop Rate is pretty good. You should be able to gather good amounts within full 5 days of events lasting!
As more your spouse will work for you as more you will benefit Lets see how he/she loves you

NUMBERS - ok decided to write % of chance to receive Chocolate or LovePack
3,5% chance to get Chocolate from killed monster for everyone (in solo or team fight)
1% chance to provide your spouse LovePack (it contain 1-20 Chocolates) directly to his/her bag when killed monster by you as leader

For everyone who saying that hunting with spouse does not provide LovePacks!
YOU MUST be NEAR your spouse (screen + little size at max far) in order to benefit form this!
This means you mut hunt NEAR your spouse not from far away...
Please remember about this!

Chocolates can be exchanged under NPC at market!


For exchanging Chocolates player will have ability to claim many special love suits. Additonal some items and special items with mounts!
The main speciality that player will be able to claim are USD TOKENS {PP}! for certain amount of Chocolates player can claim 1 TOKEN (ONLY!): 5/10/20/35 USD - player deciding on which will be gathering the amount of chocolates Be assured -> drop rate + number of event days are totally enough to gather proper amounts (just hunt properly with couple ).

Good luck and hopefully everyone will enjouy the fun
0 Replies | 478 Views

Maintenance Time CHANGED! - New Maint time = 22:00!
04-22-2015 - by SoulNecturn
We would like to announce small information considering future maintenances.

Due to some reasons..... We must change little everyday maintenance time.

Till now maint was happening as planned everyday at 23:00 (11:00 PM) server time.

NEW MAINTENANCE TIME wil be just 1 hour earlier:
22:00 (10:00 PM) Server time!

This shouldnt influence on any events and players plans (hopefully ) but this small change will help us to organize more own time for work

Thanks for attention

Always Yours Demons Online Team
0 Replies | 488 Views

[EVENT] EASTER Event 2015 - 27.03.2015-07.04.2015
03-27-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Easter in 2015 will be connected from few parts!

1st Easter Event

Time: 27.03.2015 - 30.03.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)
Time: 03.04.2015 - 07.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

Details: Gather Easter Eggs from monsters and exchange them into special rewardss at certain NPCs OR use to get EPs!

15k EPs per egg
Exchange for:
- Doomsday Crystals (10000.5000,1000,500 d.exp ones)
- Luck bursters (v1000, v500, v300 and vSTARTER)
- Universals 36* (amounts: 500, 250, 100, 50 in stock)
* WeaponBox[XIII]
* S3WeapBox[XIII]
* GearBox[XIII]
* ReapersBox[XIII]

Easter Eggs can drop from ALL monsters!

2nd Easter Event

Time: 27.03.2015 - 07.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

Details: Obtain from monsters EPG - Easter Post Eggs and exchange them into proepr suit (suits are not tradable!)!


3rd Easter Event

Time: 30.03.2015 - 06.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!) == Exactly 7 days = full week!

Details: While hunting everywhere player wil have chance to step into (spawn) Easter Bunny monster! This Easter Bunny monster when killed will be able to provide nice rewards!

Possible rewards from EasterBunny:
- Different amounts of EXP-Shards
- Different amounts of ComposeSouls
- Differnt types of LuckBursters (if bag will be full it will drop in front of character )
- Additinally sometimes might drop SIP chest or as cool rewards unique items like nice skill book or mount or even Doomsday gear/reapers etc Boxes in best quality!

Chance to meet EasterBunny is not low to be honest. Add the fact that event will last for Full 7 days you all should be able to enjoy the event even if dont little by little

Good luck and Happy Easter Everyone!
1 Replies | 788 Views

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