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[FEATURE] Legion Organization Types!
08-28-2015 - by SoulNecturn
From now on Legion will be able to decide about organization type that will be running.
What this means?

There are currently 4 types of Organization hierarchy that legion can be managed:
- Legion (Leader)
- Mafia (Boss)
- Guild (Master)
- Kingdom (King)

And here are details about positions for each organization type:





How to change your organization type? Easy.
Under Legion NPC (where you creating/deleting legions) you can change organization type as often and whenver you wish as leader of your legion... for free

Hope some will enjoy from this feature
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[FEATURE] Doomsday WINGS - Wings Assimilation.
08-25-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Demons Online is happy to present very original and individual Special wigns!

There are 5 types of wings available in game:

* HEAVEN WINGS - Require 100 Doomsday Level for assimilation!

* MARS WINGS - Require 200 Doomsday Level for assimilation!

* HADES WINGS - Require 200 Doomsday Level for assimilation!

* POISON WINGS - Require 200 Doomsday Level for assimilation!

* DEVIL WINGS - Require 100 Doomsday Level for assimilation!

Wings items can be found under drop from: Beasts, Dragons, Hell/Heaven and special events! Items are type of Rare to find items so dont expect finding them many!
Additionally we prepared option under donation! Each type of wing can be obtained for 25 usd donation as well or for 100 usd for Full 5xWings pack! Donation Wings DOES NOT have any requirments for assimilation! (This means wings from donation you can use even as level 1 character!).

Wings items can be assimilated into player Stigmata. This will make wing item to dissapear (as was used 1 time and done!), then Proper wing will be appear as available under Stigmata function.
Under Stigmata player can maintain own wings by chosing which want to turn on or turn off (depending on likenings and mood). Once assimilated wings will stay with player till the end!

When player will decide to deactivate certain wings (in order to turn on other for example) will have to do:
- Deactivate currently used wings in stigmata
- wait around 10 minutes
- relog
- feel free to activate any other.
This process of waiting some minutes and relog is crucial for this feature - so just please apply to it

Any addional Wings added in future (yes can be more ) will be described as well here.

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[FEATURE] Hairs/Casual/Mount Dedicated Shops!
08-21-2015 - by SoulNecturn
We are happy to present on our server new Dedicated Shops where everyone will be able to obtain many old and new (along with next incomming):
Mount Eggs

There are 3 Shops at market:

Each Shop will deal Suits or hairs or Mounts for certain for them items called:

Details of these items:
* Stackable till 65000 amount
* Dropable/Tradable
* Can be obtained from Beasts/Dragons and events...

Additonally under new Shops new Casuals and new Hats/Hairs were released. Find them on shops


HairStyler will provide you proepr hair/mask instantly after paying proper amount of HeadParticles! When You pay one time for certain hair/mask you will be able to use them anytime more you wish in future buy getting from this shop (but without paying again headparticles ).

CasualShards - will provide you certain suit in standards like this item exist - meaning you will receive item into your bag.

MountHoof - will provide you certain suit in standards like this item exist - meaning you will receive item into your bag.

Hope everyone will enjoy new functions
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08-21-2015 - by SoulNecturn


All Earth Maps
All Purgatory Maps
All DoomDare Maps


* Beasts spawn every 1,5 hour.
* Max spawns for 1 map of certain beast = 5-8 beasts
* Each Beast has 2.000.000 HP
* Every beast has own individual Defense factor
* All Beasts will hit fast as predator - so be careful and avoid getting in more then 1 beast at once!


Each Best when slayed has 25%-5% chance to Spawn next upgraded version of itself in front of player. So this means When beast will die - drop will happen but in same time player can face better Beast from which even better drop can expect Max spawns level are 4. This means There are 4 levels difficulty for every single Beast that exist.


Every Beast can provide huge drop ... from few items even to laads ...
Under drop can be found pretty most stuff - besides eggs, casuals, hairs etc - for this certain dedicated items providing

REMEMBER: As better Beast (as well in same time as harder is boss) as better your chance to get more rare items + MORE items from drop

Beasts can be hard to kill fast... As more BP and better pets/equipment etc you have as more damage you will provide. So your task is - Rise in power and enjoy faster and easier fights

Good luck and hopefully everyone will enjoy new version for everyone
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Pets Advancement - Upgrade your pets for better effects!
07-30-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Under Demons Online we are providing from now on possibility to posses advanced forms of demons.

What are Advanced pets?
Those are pets with additonal special features like: better lucking, better composing, nicer look, new skills, increased rarity of pet.

Current List of Advanced pets:


Baby Lulu


Baby Dodo














Current Characteristic for each Advanced Pet:
* Rarity of each Advanced pet = 50* (this means just after born it will have 50*!)
* Luck better comprehension = +1 Star Point per each Luck that pet posses versus normal form!
* Compose Rate = CHANCE (its a roll of chances!) for getting 20% better results in compose then normal form!

DETAILS How to Get Eggs:
Eggs of Adv.Lulu + BabyLulu + Adv.Dodo + BabyDodo + Adv.RGS +Gladiator are available under normal ShoppingMall (Price 100.000.000 Eps).
Eggs of Sinister / Paladin / Jaggernout / Ultra / Electro / Armorer / DarkShawow Eggs are obtainable via Donations (like original basic forms)(check donation info for more details).

In order to upgrade certain type of pet to corresponding Advanced Version of pet player will have to claim Golden Animal (similar like was happening before with other pets Changing to other look).
Each Upgrade will REQUIRE 3 GOLDEN ANIMALS or 5 USD donation to make the switch!


LULU can be changed to Adv. Lulu and Baby Lulu
************************************************** **********

DODO can be changed to Adv. Dodo and Baby Dodo
************************************************** **********

LeoLeo / Kaiser / WarDragon / WarPegazus can be changed to Jaggernout
************************************************** **********

LeoLyon / Lena / MageDragon / MagePegazus can be changed to Ultra
************************************************** **********

RGS Apocalyptus can be changed into Adv. RGS
************************************************** **********

Lord Rage / AzuraiBarbarian can be changed into GLADIATOR
************************************************** **********

All Elemental Pets (LightElemental/Fairy/Tidal/Flame/Earth) can be changed into Electro / Armorer / DarkShadow / FrozenQueen
************************************************** **********

Dora / Watcher can be changed into Paladin / Sinister / Durga / HarpyQueen / Freya
Nailuo can be upraded to Dora Only for 10 usd donation!
Dora can be upgraded to Watcher for 2 Golden Animals or 5 USD!
************************************************** **********

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[FEATURE] LEGION - CAMP Functions Addon
07-17-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Basic info:
Legion Camp addon providing legions option to posses own Legiom Camp map. Under Legion Camp members of owning legion can compose, use legion shop, use legion lottery and then even use legion events!

Coords: 263:466


To apply for Own Legion Camp Leader of legion Must:
- be leader of Legion that has at least 20 members!
- claim to add attach own Legion to own Legion Camp by sending Message to SoulNecturn[PM]
On email: provide details:
* On which server you own legion: ?
* Proper name of your character as Leader of legion
* Proper name of your Legion to attach Legion Camp



Members of legion can contribute own hard earned EPs into Legion fund sake. Each 100.000 EPs contributed is worth 1 Legion EPs Fund (1 LGF). In same time by contributing EPs player receiving Legion Points (LGP). Each 100.000 EPs contributed provide to player 1 LGP.
There are no limits of amounts that player can contribute.

LGP item details:
- NOT Tradable
- Stackable till 50.000 amount in 1 pack.

This function can be turned on or off by leader. With this option member of legion can recover contributed 90% of EPs by using LGP and part of Legion Funds.

Legion Coupons can be found under many Legion Events (LW monsters, soon legion Beast and Tree Energizing).
Legion Coupons allowing to add Legion Funds easier and faster then via EPs. Each Legion Coupol will provide 10 Legion Funds and 1 LGP to player when executed under legion Statue .


Legion Shopping Center provided members of legion wide range of items that can be obtained for LG Points [LGP].
As higher level of Legion Statue - as better and more items member can buy daily from Legion Shop.
Items in Legion Shop that are limited by day amounts - reset daily every 00:00 - this means you cna for example buy DemonicStone at 23:50 and then again after 11 minutes when shop will reset .


Under this option members of legion can activate special Legion Event Drops that will last for next 6 hours. Events are attached to monsters on all maps - meaning when activated during normal hunting player will be get chance to drop special stuff.
At one time there can be activated 1 event only!


Legion Lottery must be first Unlocked by Leader when Legion Statue reach proper level for proper amount of Legion Funds.
Legion lottery provides ALL members of legion possibility to Spin for rewards 5-50 times per day (Depending on Legion Statue Level). For each Legion Statue Level there are 5 additonal chances to spin.
Lottery chances resetting everyday at 00:00 server time.
Lottery can be turned on or off by leader if he will decide so!
Each Spin by member of lottery will consume exactly 1 Legion EPs Fund from Legion possession - so Leader must watch!

*** LEGION SETTINGS - Leaders panel

Leader of legion has full control of Legion Camp. Currently under settings Leader can upgrade level of Legion Statue into max 10 level for Legion EPs Funds that was gathered from all members.
As well Leader can Unlock certain functions when proper Legion Statue Level will be achieved. Under options to be unlocked are:
Legion Composer
Legion Lottery
Legion Drop Events

Additionally Leader can Turn ON or OFF Legion Lottery whenever see its necessary (lets remember its sucking Legion EPs Funds!).


Legion Tree has 2 Functions:
* Members of owning Legion can ENERGIZE it daily
* Members from owning legion can claim rewards when Tree is energized enough during the day!


* Energizes can be done everyday between 00:00 till 23:50 Server time (10 minutes before 00:00 is reserved for reset of tree!)
* Tree can be energized by legion members only 1 time per day (00:00 energize count is reset on each member!)
* To be able to Energize the Tree member will REQUIRE to be at least 40 Doomsday Level!
* As higher Doomsday level of Member as Bigger amount of enrgizes will be provided by this member when hit Energize!
Yes this means that 1 member can enrgize tree 1 time but if member has over 500 doomsday level Tree will receive 10 energize points from him!

List of Energize points provided by member depending on D.level:
over 40 D. level => 1 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 70 D. level => 2 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 80 D. level => 3 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 100 D. level => 4 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 150 D. level => 5 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 200 D. level => 6 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 300 D. level => 7 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 400 D. level => 8 Energize Point provided to Tree
over 500 D. level => 10 Energize Point provided to Tree


When Tree is energized Enough - members can claim rewards from it Daily!
Requirements to Claim Reward:
- Member already energized Tree at least one time
- Tree has at least 50 Energizes Counts


LegionTreePackA - Contains 10xLegionCoupons + 30xLBV10[PP] + 5xLoggers
LegionTreePackB - Contains 15xLegionCoupons + 10xLBV50[PP] + 10xLoggers
LegionTreePackC - Contains 20xLegionCoupons + 10xLBV75[PP] + 15xLoggers
LegionTreePackD - Contains 15xLegionCoupons + 10xLBV100[PP] + 20xLoggers

ENERGIZES Requirements vs Rewarding:

During 1 DAY there can ONLY be Claimed 30 rewards from Tree!
This number might change in future - depending on how big Legions will become (depending on needs) and in future might depend on Legion Statue level as well! Currently Limit 30 is decided for SECURITY!

When Tree reach 50 Energizes:
All members with Doomsday Level under 200 can claim LegionTreePackA
All members with Doomsday Level between 200 to 350 can claim LegionTreePackB
All members with Doomsday Level between 350 to 500 can claim LegionTreePackC
All members with Doomsday Level over 500 can claim LegionTreePackC

When Tree reach 100 Energizes:
All members with Doomsday Level under 150 can claim LegionTreePackA
All members with Doomsday Level between 150 to 300 can claim LegionTreePackB
All members with Doomsday Level between 300 to 400 can claim LegionTreePackC
All members with Doomsday Level over 400 can claim LegionTreePackC

When Tree reach 200 Energizes:
All members with Doomsday Level under 100 can claim LegionTreePackA
All members with Doomsday Level between 100 to 250 can claim LegionTreePackB
All members with Doomsday Level between 250 to 350 can claim LegionTreePackC
All members with Doomsday Level over 350 can claim LegionTreePackC

When Tree reach 500 Energizes:
All members with Doomsday Level under 50 can claim LegionTreePackA
All members with Doomsday Level between 50 to 150 can claim LegionTreePackB
All members with Doomsday Level between 150 to 250 can claim LegionTreePackC
All members with Doomsday Level over 250 can claim LegionTreePackC

So this means as more Energizes as lower members can claim better rewards!
Remember all Its DAILY Action - so everyday Tree is resetting



Whats next?

Under Legion Statue will still be added:
Event only for legion members - will be activated by Leader whenver legion decides to (1 times per day!). Under this event members will have to slay Beast for which great rewards wil be provided!

This function will provide members of legion in future an option to buy Special Talents (talents boosting BP - area effect...)

** More SHOP stuff
Under Legion Shop soon will appear new Action items - items that wil be boosting powers of player and not only for proper time!

** More settings for Leader
Under Settings are planned to be add:
- Legion Suits managment for legions possesing suits
- Option to Turn on or off Legion Composer (not sure if necessary but this can be done)
- Bonus stuff for LW winners...

When all of these wil be updated? Very soon... To be clear after releasing first part of Legion Feature - new pets/mounts/suits/masks/weapons will be released after which next parts of this system will be properly added


Hopefully Everyone will see this Legion Feature as good and helpful True that prices for upgrades etc are not cheap - but lets remember Legion should work in Group - which means everyone should contribute into legion - then no one will see pronblem

If you notice ANY ... ANY problem/bug/suspicious actions PLEASE Report it right away. Feature were tested plenty of times but stil lets remember everyday usage by players always can bring some new problems (hopefully not ).

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Demonization Featuere- DemonicStone +1 Summon Timed!
07-07-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Today we are happy to release new feature into game called Demonization.
In game there is possible to find new items called:


* Not tradable!
* If you drop it - it will dissapear!
* Stackable till 100 amount (Please remember to keep this item in main bag during exchanging to keep all in 1 pack)



* Tradable
* Dropable from all Dragons
* Stackable till 65000 amount max


There are 2 ways to obtain DemonicStones.

1) By exchanging BloodSouls (items obtainable from Seth event) - 150BS for 1 DemonicStone
2) By exchnaging MilkyStars (items obtainable from Dragons Drop) - 500MS for 1 DemonicStone

Each DemonicStone have "currently" 2 options when used:
- Turn on +1 Summon on player for 12 hours - cost 40.000.000 EPs + 2 DemonicStones
- Turn on +1 Summon on player for 48 hours - cost 150.000.000 EPs + 5 DemonicStones

This means you can obtain +1 Summon just by participating in Seth Event and just by hunting Dragons

Additional notice:
When DemonicStone is active - GoldSpecialCrown effect will be on top of player head (very high to not make visibility problems!). When time for used Summon+1 will past - effect will dissapear and your demon will be unsummoned in first teleport occassion. When your pet will be converfed when time past, your pet will not easly unsummon - this means until you relog or unsummon your pet by hand until then your +1 Summon effect will stay... This can provide you little addiotnal time of usage in most needs

Good luck and enjoy everyone
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