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Maintenance: Everyday at 11:00PM (+1 GMT = server time)

2014 - ThanksGiving Event
11-21-2014 - by SoulNecturn
Thanksgiving 2014

2014 Edition of ThanksGiving will be divided into 2 parts!

1st PART:
Start: 21.11.2013 (23:00 = maintenance)
Finish: 30.11.2013 (23:00 = maintenance)
{Yes that many days... yes...}


This year Thanksgiving event will be about hunting monsters in ALL maps of the game. During hunting there will be possibility to drop 4 types of thanksgiving piece of dishes:

Player can gather all of those items (by stacking each in max 3 amounts) and get it to the Cook in cronus so he will prepare special Thanksgiving dish!

When the main dish will be prepared (it consist from 1 of each four pieces) player will be able to eat it and thanks this receive nice, great or super reward!

Some list of rewards:
- D.exp Crystals
- EPs 100k-1mill
- PPs (50-300 PPs)
- XP/PK boosters in bulk packs
- LifeSparks (pack amounts)
- LuckBursters (all types)
- Universals 36* (pack amounts 10-500 per reward)
- EP Pills (+30 ones)
- from rare rewards: holycross,unholycross, high amounts of eps,
- ...

21-23.11.2014 - drop rate of this event will be at 200% level from base!! So during weekend everyone can slay and get best chances to drop rewards!

23-30.11.2014 - drop will be at normal level (around 1-3%).

2nd PART of ThanksGiving:

START: 23.11.2014
FINISH: 07.12.2014

This part will be related with everyday claiming Golden Turkey.
Each day between 00:00-23:59 player will be able to claim 1 GoldnTurkey. There will be additional possibility to find GoldenTurkey in special drops (about this where and how later) but in general it will be limited amount!

Golden Turkey will be NOT TRADABLE! (this means player participating in event should ensure to login daily even just to clain reward ).

Golden Turkeys will be possoble to exchange into special rewards (when event start it will be all listed )

So everyone Just HUNT .... HUNT and enjoy the prizes

Demons Online Team
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[EVENT] Halloween event 2014
10-27-2014 - by SoulNecturn

In 2014 year on Demons Online Halloween event will be spread into 4 parts!

1) First part will last over week (27.10.2014 at 23:00 till 05.11.2014 at 23:00) (From Monday till next Wednesday!)
2) Second part will start 29.10.214 23:00(Wednesday) and will last till Sunday 02.11.2014 23:00)
3) Third part will begin on Friday 29.10.2014 (23:00) and will last till Friday 02.11.2014 23:00 - all server time).
4) Fourth part will begin on Friday 31.10.2014 (23:00) and will last till Friday 02.11.2014 23:00 - all server time).

First we begin from explaining first part:

PART FIRST = 27.10.2014 at 23:00 server time Halloween on our server will START!

NPCs are AT CRONUS around 326:407 Corrds!
At cronus there are 2 NPCs:
HALLOWEEN teleporter + HALLOWEEN exchanger.

This NPC is able to teleport all players into 2 type of maps where each map has option: PKable and NOT PKable!
Maps that are PKable has more then over 40% better drop of pumpkins then on those that are NOT Pkable... so decision belongs to players... calm hunting or little spark to watch out for hunters...

As its is saying itself - this npc has ability to exchange times that can be found under Halloween maps. We took care to put lots of possible rewards...

Important info:

1) Each map has same drop which is ONLY halloween pumpkins! There is no other drop from those monsters! So no eps, no exp, no doomsday exp etc etc...
2) Map 1st and 2nd are different only of size and monster - so its like based on players preferences... second is little more crowded in monsters but first is bigger...
3) All items are trade-able BESIDES 4: which are Halloween Heads and Hat - those are NOT TRADABLE! Additionally those Heads/Hats can be used unlimited times by its owner! (They do not dissapear after usage nor after event)

This event can be familiar partially by our old players

So here are SS of first part. Have fun all

================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


Start 29.10.214 23:00(Wednesday) and will last till Sunday 02.11.2014 23:00)

Second part of Halloween will be about simple hunting - everywhere! In all maps (starting from Cronus and even on Halloween maps) there will be possible to find new drop: Halloween Box. Remember: Drop under halloween maps of this box is harder then on all other normal maps So in halloween maps you will drop them more rarely!

This new HalloweenBox can:
- be traded (yes its tradable)
- can be used - opened by player - and from inside can be found lots of special stuff like:
* universals
* EPs
* PPs
* LuckBursters
* lifesparks
* 5 Brand cool Pumpkin heads
* 5 Brand new hairs for male
* 5 Brand new hairs for female
* 3 Brand new suits for Male and Female
* more and more
* list will grow....

This year rewards are little better! As well drop rate little increased

================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================

START time: 29.10.2014 - YES we decided to start it up 2 days earlier

In cronus coords: 329:399 new NPC appeared - GHOST! Under this new NPC players can exchange pumpkins into new GoldenPumpkins ... While these Golden Pumpkins can be exchanged into new special rewards!

GoldenPumpkin character:
- Item is TRADABLE
- is STACKABLE till max 65000 amount (good luck in this hehe)
- can be obtain by exchanging normal pumpkins OR RARE drop under halloween maps!

================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


Start on Friday 31.10.2014 (23:00) and will last till Sunday 01.11.2014 23:00 (all server time). [YES JUST ONE SPECIAL DAY FOR THIS! USE IT WISE!]

PLACE: ALL MAPS in game + Halloween maps!

Third part of Halloween will base in big part under second part. As was mentioned under second part of halloween event - Under third part Everyone who will be WEARING any type of NEW PUMPKIN HEADS will have lots of chances to get additional special drop on all maps (yes all normal maps + even halloween maps = all same chances for this).

2014 Edition will much differnt from last years... in meaning of drops and chances.

2014 Year when wearing pumpkins heads players will receive chances to find Legendary drops
Drop is divided into 4 categories:
* Normal drop (chance to find random item from this drop is around 7%)
* Harder drop (chance to find random item from this drop is around 3%)
* Hardest drop (chance to find random item from this drop is around 0,5%)
* Legendary drop (chance to find random item from this drop is around 0,05%)

And here is example list of possible rewards (randomly dropping in each category) for each category:

* Normal drop:
- Universal 36* x1
- D.Crystal 500 x1
- D.Crystal 1000x1
- D.Crystal 5000x1

* Harder drop:
- Universal 36* x50 (directly to bag received)
- 27k DO card x1
- PumpkinHallows x100 (directly to bag received)
- PumpkinHallows x150 (directly to bag received)
- PumpkinHallows x300 (directly to bag received)

* Hardest drop:
- GoldenPumpkin (highest chance in this category to obtain!)
- LuckBurst-V1000 x1
- 1.000.000 EP bag x1
- D.Crystal 25k x1

* Legendary drop:
- PackB4 (2000xUniversal36* + 2000xExpBall pack + 2000 CloverPack) [1/8 chance]
- 10.000.000 EP Bag [2/8 chance]
- Phantom Mount Egg [1/8 chance]
- PumpkinCar [2/8 chance]
- GoldScoropio Mount (yes the old one but nice and not much visible recently) [1/8 chance]
LeoIceBeast (yes the old one but nice and not much visible recently) [1/8 chance]

This certain part of halloween event that will last 1 day is presented exactly how it is and works with exact numbers and possibilities! Remember that this is "Event" and only YOU can decide if wish to take part in it and how you want to do this.
My tip for this event is simple "Get into map with biggest amounts of monsters around THEN grind them until you get tired or get enough rewards!"
My words here is Good luck

P.S. % chance of drop even as it look as small its pretty high (taking into consideration fact that its drop for almost all monsters in game... and fact that some spots containing between 50-100 monsters even...)

GOOD LUCK and like was written on start - use wisely and fully this event

================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================


================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================
================================================== ==================

TIME: 01.11.2014 - 02.11.2014 (Saturday maintenance till Sunday maintenance hours)


Use previous events to gather enough unixes36 for this event part And use it at max

Good luck and have fun all

Best regards
Demons Online Team
8 Replies | 743 Views

[EVENT] Aid El-kebir Event 2014
10-04-2014 - by SoulNecturn
AID Event 2014

Time Lasting: 04.10.2014 till 08.10.2014 (from maintenance to maintenance)

Place of event:
Cronus - NPC Sheep (321:410)
Hunting maps (Cronus, MistyMarsh, GobiDesert, IceLand, DarkMarsh, Island, CataMaze, DarkBadland, FrozehHell and HellGates) == ONLY!

During the event all players on listed maps will be able to hunt monsters that can drop AID-Sheep item.

This item is not stackable
This item is tradable

When player will find this item will need to head into NPC at Cronus 385:4382 (to the Big Sheep) and exchange it into one of Random Rewards.


There are plenty of possible rewards under this AID event edition.

Example of rewards:
- 25mill donation (just 1item in pack)
- luck potions
- XP Bosster
- PK Dropper
- 30*Universals- LifeSparks
- LuckBursts in many configurations
- Devil Hairs
- 10kPP=5kEP
- EP-Pill (all kind from +5 till +30 and from 30min till 90min lasting)
- Many white/red Roses
- Packs of Universals 30*
- Packs of Universals 36* !!
- Packs of Special ExpBalls
- EP cards (270k EP cards)
- UP doomstorm
- Some random mounts eggs as rare chance(pentalos/pandorian/orthopus/diaro and others)

there are many combinations with those rewards (1 AID ticked will give always one of those rewards!)
All rewards are splited into 3 types of rarity (normal, hard and rare)

Happy Aid from Demons Online Team
0 Replies | 341 Views

Legion Features - Testing period!
08-15-2014 - by SoulNecturn
As many of you know we will be adding loads of features into game ... one of it will be many new options for legions...
Today we wantto start testing one - the most requested one- feature... So here how it will look and will be...


For periods of 2-3 weeks max (until moment we implement rest of true legion features) there will be possibility to request own legion map!

Map information:
- under Legion map there will be COMPOSE NPCs allowing "members" to compose there in calm.
- Own Legion Maps are PKABLE! (For test period at lest - reason? Might be used for now to slay unwelcommers if such appears )

- Not members of legion maps are not allowed to teleport to certain legion maps!
- all overusage (whatever you get into idea and will be ugly) will be not tolerated
- TOP 5 legions from standard and extreme server (with top number of members) will be added automatically to own map

How to apply for Own Legion Map during TEST period:
- Legion "LEADER" must send to me request on email: Or on my Private Message (check my footer) information:
* Which server: Standard or extreme (for now Convicts is not under this feature)
* Leader name:
* Binded email of leader (so I can confirm leader is sending request!):
* proper name of legion to attach own map into!
* more less numbder of members in legion

* Legion must contain at least 30 active members! (do not lie as it will be checked )
* 15 own maps per server is limit for now (so be fast!)

After test period all maps will be cleaned. Exact details of how these maps will be possible to receive after test will be clearly explained - so no worry

Possible problems:
- other members might teleport to players and make problems (attention for this punishment can be provided!) - To be clear there will be small (and later deeper) security implemented to avoid this problem!
- Because many players start composing individually - market will be empty... (thats why its test time, and possible special actions will be done - like payment for entry, time limit etc etc )

All feedbacks are welcoome
2 Replies | 650 Views

Our servers receiving Huge attacks - but we are fighting back ;)
08-02-2014 - by SoulNecturn
Well decided to write on our forum few words about few short (5-10 minutes lasting)down times that happen since 01.08.2014 22:30 server time.
We believe some of you might wondering what is what

Short version:
Our servers were and pretty still are under big ddos/flood attacks that coming from hundreds thousands zombies... yeah big botnet or many botnes are trying to make our live harder....
As you all can see we are fighting back with success...

Little more details:
As you all know there are many people who think doing harm to server will make them feel better... We are aim of attacks since almost always, so no this accident is pretty "one of these days"....
Our servers are prepared and secured, under proper hardware and software solutions to fight back whatever can come - but lets remember there are no ultimate solutions (even google had times when ddos harm them...) Thats why in bigger attacks (like today) downs can happen, until our system deal with problem. And sometimes additionally we must add our additional powers to make additional actions to work solution for certain sophisticated attack...

But have no fear anyone. Be sure that our team (me and Walid) are properly doing everything whats necessary and do best to be alwsys under emergency to act fast and proper! You all know well that for us demons online is PRIORITY against anything other... so yes by resigning from vacation or during sick, we will be here anyway to act!

Summarizing up.
We faced in last 24 hours loads of hard attacks. Currently we block those certain ways they used. Sure we do still think, more like know that attacker still can do attacks in few other ways... might hit into wall or something might get through making for moments lags or DC ...BUT ...this or another way we are waiting for him... to prevent...
So honestly - we are ready ... question is how much time, effort and money this attacker wish to sacrifice on us... ...

Whatever happen - remember all:
- We are HERE!
- We will Fight "always" back!
- We will look for solutions no matter of costs!
- If they lend millions of botnets and succeed...we will rise like phoenix right after
- Demons Online is part of us...

Remember everyone - we are doing all so you all can enjoy our servs

Forever Yours Demons Online Team
1 Replies | 504 Views

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