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Welcome Demons Online Reloaded
Maintenance: Everyday at 11:00PM (+1 GMT = server time)

Maintenance Time CHANGED! - New Maint time = 22:00!
04-22-2015 - by SoulNecturn
We would like to announce small information considering future maintenances.

Due to some reasons..... We must change little everyday maintenance time.

Till now maint was happening as planned everyday at 23:00 (11:00 PM) server time.

NEW MAINTENANCE TIME wil be just 1 hour earlier:
22:00 (10:00 PM) Server time!

This shouldnt influence on any events and players plans (hopefully ) but this small change will help us to organize more own time for work

Thanks for attention

Always Yours Demons Online Team
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[EVENT] EASTER Event 2015 - 27.03.2015-07.04.2015
03-27-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Easter in 2015 will be connected from few parts!

1st Easter Event

Time: 27.03.2015 - 30.03.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)
Time: 03.04.2015 - 07.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

Details: Gather Easter Eggs from monsters and exchange them into special rewardss at certain NPCs OR use to get EPs!

15k EPs per egg
Exchange for:
- Doomsday Crystals (10000.5000,1000,500 d.exp ones)
- Luck bursters (v1000, v500, v300 and vSTARTER)
- Universals 36* (amounts: 500, 250, 100, 50 in stock)
* WeaponBox[XIII]
* S3WeapBox[XIII]
* GearBox[XIII]
* ReapersBox[XIII]

Easter Eggs can drop from ALL monsters!

2nd Easter Event

Time: 27.03.2015 - 07.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!)

Details: Obtain from monsters EPG - Easter Post Eggs and exchange them into proepr suit (suits are not tradable!)!


3rd Easter Event

Time: 30.03.2015 - 06.04.2015 (from maintenance till maintenance!) == Exactly 7 days = full week!

Details: While hunting everywhere player wil have chance to step into (spawn) Easter Bunny monster! This Easter Bunny monster when killed will be able to provide nice rewards!

Possible rewards from EasterBunny:
- Different amounts of EXP-Shards
- Different amounts of ComposeSouls
- Differnt types of LuckBursters (if bag will be full it will drop in front of character )
- Additinally sometimes might drop SIP chest or as cool rewards unique items like nice skill book or mount or even Doomsday gear/reapers etc Boxes in best quality!

Chance to meet EasterBunny is not low to be honest. Add the fact that event will last for Full 7 days you all should be able to enjoy the event even if dont little by little

Good luck and Happy Easter Everyone!
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Test server - opened!
03-26-2015 - by SoulNecturn

Test server contain merged servers: standard and extreme together! To be exact exrteme (accounts/characters/pets and items) were moved into standard (this means extreme legions or castels etc was not moved!).
All players are able to login into test server from accounts that created for standard or extrme servers (until 24.03.2015).
If you have standard account - just login witn standard details to Test server!
If you have extreme account - add "e2" to your login name to be able to login (password remain the same!). For example if your extreme account username was "correlation" you will be able to login to Test server by inputing "e2correlation"...

Besides everyone can ceate new accounts directly for TEST server if wish to participate in test and somehow doesnt have any account yet. For this just go along with normal Registration Process under account manager - Chosing TEST server as your server to register!

TEST server is not normal server like others. Its purpose is for testing changes/adjustments eventually new contents etc before releasing them officially into standard or extreme.
Sure it has own configs and rates etc but you all must be aware that it will have many manitenances - depending on needs for changes!
This server is not aimed to be played as main server! You must be aware that in needs we will put it down or even clean items etc - if will be required!

--- NEW SERVER - TEST SERVER will be visible for everyone under login panel after at least 8176 patch! So do AUTOPATCHING

CHANGES TEST server status:
- Drop of most items from monsters easly (luckbursters/CS/expshards/gearboxes/skillbooks etc)
- Compose rate x20
- CS rate x10
- all accounts VIP8
- no antycheating systems
- Dragons spawn increased
- Max Summon = 3 (all from extreme server who had 4 and 5 under test server will have just 3 summon) - Testing purposes


First test setup is about lowered damage dealings in PVP fights.
Lets say current mode is: 1/10 (I will not explain what this means but will use for my purposes ).

Please do fight tests etc and provide details of how it looks in this way (Please):

Version: 1/10
Info: My character with BP xxxx was fighting with YYY that had ZZZ BP ... fight was ******* ... I feel its different then normal way in ******** .... etc etc
11 Replies | 617 Views

24.03.2015 - Planned Maintenance - extended one!
03-24-2015 - by SoulNecturn
Ok everyone we will run extended Maintenance today = 24.03.2015
It will start earlier then normal maint and will last 2-4 hours around.

During this maintennace we will handle full refreshment on servers (full reinstallations etc) + installation and setup of new additional securities.

To be clear: This will not influence on losing anyting in game if anything wonder Its just action under Servers itself for the best sake and proper working all

Please be patient during this time - be sure we are working as fast as its possible.
We will inform right away when servers will be back online again

Sorry for inconvinience...

Yours Demons Online Team
0 Replies | 287 Views

[CONVICTS] Decision - IMPORTANT for all Convicts Players!
03-21-2015 - by SoulNecturn
This information is for all players from convicts server.

Lets start from some informations. Convicts server were open around 2,5 years ago. There was exact rules (almost none) and many changes that was making it diffeent then other servers (no expballs in SM ... limits on stars... etc). Since the begining generally Convicts server idea was to give option to have some additional fun to all who dont feel being part of standard or extreme (under rules servers ...). Since almost beginig Convicts didnt have much players online but all time had anyway.

Since around year number of players that are logging to Convicts server was lowering in fast speed. In last months we start to observe that number of last 24 hours online players reach little over 20.... and unfortunatelly for many hours during day no one even were logged there.
Since the fact that Convict server is being runned thanks to rest servers.... We must decide if this should be continued.


Becasue of almost no interest anymore to play under Convicts server we will be closing this certain one. This means ONLY Convicts (to avoid any connections of this info to rest servers!) will go offline until end of this week (22.03.2015). Decision should be obvious for everyone. There is no need to use our resources (that can be used in better way) on server that anyway no one is feeling to support.

Ok soorry all who left from Convicts under wondering and awaiting mode. Considering the fact that Convicts were decided to put down as not enough players were visiting it daily, we at first decided to allow moving totally characters with pets. In same time was easly noticed that last hours on convicts server was used for movements by some of pets/items... and in same time Big discussions with Vetos appeard on our forum and facebook - which was the reason of holding the movement action... until proper way of dealing with this case appear.
Many ideas how to handle this appeared... Here is latest idea that I suggesting to make this in pretty good way (I believe). So there wont be questions that any autoed pet will be moved etc etc...

Convicts moving idea way:
- each player can request to move account to chosen server
- stuff that will be moved: all items + chracter (without PP)
Pets movement way:
* Pet with stars will not be moved directly!
* If player posses donor pet - then will receive EGG for this pet.
* For each pet that player is moving with character will receive:
each 1.000* on pet will provide player = 500xUnix36*[PP] +5xLuckBurstersV1000 + 5xComposeSouls[PP]
{Reason of providing this movement package in PP is to keep the aim of moving players who played on convict to play on other server - Not to move stuff to be sold easly right after movement}

This means for example: If player have 3 main pets - each 7k* then this player will receive Egg of these pets (if are donor types!) + 21{7*3} x movement pack (which would be in result: 10.500 Universal36* + 105 LBV1000[PP] + 105 CS[PP]

generally all stars of pets inside bag of player will be calculated together and divided by 1000 to see amount for bonus to be moved with player!

This idea will not boost much moved players but will give them way easier possibility to rise again pets and continue the fun.

Thats the idea. Please comment what you all think about this way. Currently I have around 20 players that requested movement! All will be moved individually by hand which will be very time consuming and hard - but will start doing this wehn I receive basic confirmatins (like not mass against) that this idea is ok for both sides


With closing Convict server we were thinking about way to handle our players from there. That is why we will give Short timed options for all players from Convicts who will wish to.

If you are Convicts player Then:
Until end of this month (31.03.2015) you can request to move your character + pets + items to chosen server (Standard or Extreme). After this time we will not be dealing with similar requests.
Sorry that are not planning to merge this certain server.

So if you wish to move your account to Standard or Extreme server please do send on this email: simple request:

Request to move my Convicts character:
* server to move on: Standard or Extreme
* Your proper login name on Convicts
* Your proper binded Email to this account on Convicts
* additional info: if you have same account on requested server to move on - please state what other login name you wish to chnage your moving account!

IMPORTANT! Please take notice that movement of your character might take some hours/days - so please just be patient....

To all players on all servers - We assure that we will be doing everything the best to still provide best conent into our servers and we will do best actions to make promo inviting all new and old players back on our servers Just be with us and trust the fun

6 Replies | 444 Views

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