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Welcome Demons Online Reloaded
Maintenance: Everyday at 11:00PM (+1 GMT = server time)

[NOTICE] 26.02.2015 - BIG PATCH released
02-27-2015 - by SoulNecturn
Alright since to day big patch was released decided to provide just few details about this here.

Patch includes:
* Totally brand New Cronus/Market map
* Changes under Island/Gobi and volcano (some...)
* New brand skins for incomming events/projects etc
* We got back to normal quality effects and old bold fonts
Decision was made to avoid making problems anyone who use HQ - like client crashes. Additionally in client there is folder called 0-GRAPHIC- when you open it you will find 2 exe files. Depending which one you run in client - certain graphic will take effect.
Currently new brand logintool is under development so this graphic switchng will be as option there

Additionally - Please Everyone who will notice Any problem (like somehow teleported from somwhere to cronus and stucked ... please report this right away (provide coords please!!)

Cheers and enjoy all
2 Replies | 76 Views

[event] valentines 2015 [10-15.02.2015]
02-10-2015 - by SoulNecturn

In 2015 Valentine event will be different then any other! So please get familiar with details

New NPC: Cronus 331:399

New Items: LoveHeart and TrueHeart

- they are NOT TRADABLE!
- they will dissapear if dropped!
- Stackable till 65000 amount

Time: 10-15.02.2015 (from maintnenace till maintenance!)

The aim of this valentine event is to hunt in team with your SPOUSE! And ONLY with your spouse
During the event time all monsters will be giving possibility to provide (yes directly into your bag!) TrueHearts if you are in team or without!
Additionally You can work for your Spouse.
While you will be in party with your Spouse and together will hunt, you as a LEADER of team getting additional chance to win special LoveHearts items that will be automatically provided to your spouse bag!

LoveHearts and TrueHearts are stackable till 65000 amount!
LoveHearts items can be used. When they will player will receive randomly 1-20 TrueHearts additionally!

In other words - Everyone of your separately gathering TrueHearts by slaying monsters and additonally couples will receive LoveHearts (only spouse of leader!) that can boost greatly amounts of TrueHearts

Drop Rate is pretty good. You should be able to gather good amounts within full 5 days of events lasting!
As more your spouse will work for you as more you will benefit Lets see how he/she loves you

NUMBERS - ok decided to write % of chance to receive TrueHeart or LoveHeart
3,5% chance to get TrueHeart from killed monster for everyone (in solo or team fight)
1% chance to provide your spouse LoveHeart (it contain 1-20 TrueHearts) directly to his/her bag when killed monster by you as leader

For everyone who saying that hunting with spouse does not provide LoveHearts!
YOU MUST be NEAR your spouse (screen + little size at max far) in order to benefit form this!
This means you mut hunt NEAR your spouse not from far away...
Please remember about this!

TrueHearts can be exchanged under NPC at market!

Good luck and have fun all!


New Suits - 2015 Edition:

Mounts under event:

CANTOX - DAWN MUSE to be clear
0 Replies | 344 Views

[EVENTS CALENDAR] Place where Planned Events can be found!
01-21-2015 - by SoulNecturn
Incomming and Running Events:

Please remember that during Sunday maintenance events for next week will be planned and announced here + under announcment page that is visible whenever player is logging into the game!

All Events will start at 23:00 Maintenance time and will finish at 23:00 Maintenance time in listed dates (all server time)! At least if not will be written other way
So for example event listed as [28-30.01.2015] will start at 23:00 28.01.2015 Server time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 23.02.2015 till 01.03.2015

[24.02.2015@23:00-26.02.2015@23:00]=>EXP-Shard Drop Event
Details: EXP-Shards will drop in big amounts from all monsters!

[26.02.2015@23:00-27.02.2015@23:00]=>Doomsday DRAGON HORDE
Details: Dragons on Doomsday lands + Bone Dragons = all together will spawn in large increased amounts!

[27.02.2015@23:00-01.03.2015@23:00]=>Mystery Shopping
Details: New Event Shop. For Short period of time there will be option to buy certain items for certain amounts of EPs + D.Exp {only high amounts}

[27.02.2015@23:00-28.02.2015@23:00]=>2x Compose Event
Details: Normal full 1 day of Double Composing fun!

================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================
================================================== ===========================

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 16-22.02.2015

[17-19.02.2015] => Bone Dragons Attack
During the event time - Amount of Bone Dragon spawning will be increased!
[20.02.2015] => ReaperBox Drop Event
Simply - 1 day (23:00 Thursday till 23:00 Friday to be exact!) of possibility to drop nice amounts of doomsday reaper boxes!
[20-22.02.2015] => Hades Treasure Even
New featured event Details will be provided before it start in separate thread (explaining what is what)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 09-15.02.2015

[10-15.02.2015]=>VALENTINE Event will be runned. All Details about what/where etc will be provided before it start For sure there will be new special valentine suit to obtain + some nice goodies for couples
[09-11.02.2015]=>EXP-Shard Drop Event. Between 09.02.2015 (23:00 maintenance time) till 11.02.2015 (23:00 maintenance time) all monsters will be giving chance to drop EXP-Shards (so you can gather them enoigh and exchange into needed EXP-Crystals )
[12-13.02.2015]=>Doomsday DRAGON HORDE Even.
Info: Between 12-13.02 number of Dragons spawning on doomsday maps will be TRIPLED! Yes this means you will find way more of them and often... so as your rewards will be bigger thnaks to this Enjoy hunting DragonSlayers
[14-15.02.2015]=>ComposeSoul[CS] DROP event.
Info: During Whole weekend there will be additional possibility to find CS in drops - from all monsters

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 01-15.02.2015

[5-6.021.2015]=> 4x D.Exp from killing monsters on ALL Doomsday Lands.
[07.02.2015]=> 2x Compose Event {Will last from Friday Maintenance till Saturday Maintenance time. ComposeSoul [CS] will not have effect under this!}
[08.02.2015]=> ReaperBox Drop event {Full Sunday will last}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 19-25.01.2015

[28-30.01.2015]=>Server Integration {participate in tasks to unlock event}
Info: All players in game will be able to participate in certain actions such as everyday ones + special(this could be: killing, claim, finishing quests...). By participating in them Total points of participation will be gathered. When Total Participation Points will reach certain stages, proper event will be be unlocked for incomming weekend!
This means as more players will participate, as better version of event will be unlocked!

[31.01-01.02.2015]=>Special Event {Depends on 2 previous days contribution}
Info: This event will be depending on Total Participation Points accumulated by all players on server together in 2 previous days. Its effect will depend on total scrore.
Info: Details about Feature:
During the event time (Sunday-Monday)[from maintenance till maintenance] there will be possibility to drop ComposeSouls (Not easy!) from All monsters - just a lunching of feature event until rest ways to obtain these items will be provided

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
WEEK 19-25.01.2015

[21-25.01.2015]-ReaperBox Event Drop!{All Monsters can drop ReaperBoxes}
[21-25.01.2015]-3xD.EXP Event!{Monsters in Doomsday maps provide 3xD.Exp}
[24-25.01.2015]-EXP Crystals Event!{Drop of EXP Shards => EXP crystals}
9 Replies | 1926 Views

[EVENT] 2x COMPOSE event 16.01.2015 (1 day lasting)
01-16-2015 - by SoulNecturn
Alright so like the title showing.

16.01.2015 (23:00 Maintenance time) There will be DOUBLE COMPOSE event lasting.
It will last 1 full day.
So Friday maint start ... Saturday Maint finishing.

As you all might be aware - or not yet - we are working HARD on additional feature that will help in composing
This feature will be based on allowing players to do BULK composing. Which means - depending on Star level of pet player will be able to use additinal item that will bost Compose like its made many times ...
This project was planned to be released this weekend - but we need few more days to test
So be sure we are developing all time new goodies for all of you basing on requests

Cheers and happy comping today
0 Replies | 886 Views

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Planned Maintenance on servers (Date beannounce soon)
01-16-2015 - by SoulNecturn
This is just a heads up for everyone to be aware

We had to plan longer Maintenance on all our servers (well big refreshments to make all working more smothly etc... + small upgrades there).

Thats why we planned 2-4 hours lasting Maintenance on:
We will announce exact date - 1-2 days before will happen
START: 21:00 Server time
Max END: 01:00 Server time

Can take shorter (or little longer) - depending on progress

Sorry for inconviniences during this time - but its for best sake of everyone

Your Demons Online Team
1 Replies | 982 Views

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